A Wi-Fi positioning paper related to TRIIBE

A new paper related/inspired by our TRIIBE Project focusing on the improvement of the accuracy of indoor Wi-Fi positioning has now appeared in the Journal of Location Based Services, in what will become a special issue of selected papers fro mthe LBS 2014 Symposium. The paper will be presented next wek in Vienna by Brian.

Bai, Y. B., Wu, S., Retscher, G., Kealy, A., Holden, L., Tomko, M., Borriak, A., Hu, B., Wu, H. R. and Zhang, K. (2014). “A New Method for Improving Wi-Fi Based Indoor Positioning Accuracy.” Journal of Location Based Services. DOI:10.1080/17489725.2014.977362

CFP for W2GIS 2015 in Grenoble, France

I will be co-chairing (with Jerome Grensel) the 14th Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems Symposium next year in Grenoble, France. The CFP has been published here: http://w2gis2015.imag.fr/call-for-papers/

Full paper submission deadline is the 15th of December 2015, and accepted papers will be published in LNCS. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

And the 2014 Nobel Prize in medicine goes to – “the Sense of Place”!

This is probably the closest spatial researchers will get to a Nobel prize relating to the sense of place. From the citation, “the 2014 NObel prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Dr. J. M. O’Keefe, Dr. May-Britt Moser and Dr. Edvard I. Moser for their discoveries of nerve cells in the brain that enable a sense of place and navigation.”

The scientific rationale is here: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2014/advanced-medicineprize2014.pdf

Read and enjoy!

AURIN wins the ASIBA 2014 Victorian Spatial Excellence Award for Spatial Enablement!

I have woken up to this exciting news! AURIN (The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network, http://www.aurin.org.au) of which I have been part for the last three and a half years has just won the ASIBA 2014 Victorian Spatial Excellence Award for Spatial Enablement. This is a great recognition of the efforts of the whole AURIN crew – the office as well as the technical team, which I managed from inception until recently.

Congratulations to the team once more, I will be watching you mature further and see how it gets adopted by the Austrlian urban researchers. Good work!

CIKM Poster “How People Use the Web in Large Indoor Spaces” now online

Our CIKM IR Track poster is now online also here: https://martintomko.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/ren2014how.pdf

More AURIN, TRIIBE and Wayfinding papers on their way

I have finally updated the Publications page with the most recent crop of papers from the AURIN and TRIIBE projects, as well as from my small project on Wayfinding design, namely:

Journal papers:

  • Widjaja, I., P. Russo, C. Pettit, R. Sinnott and M. Tomko (2014). “Modeling Coordinated Multiple Views of Heterogeneous Data Cubes for Urban Visual Analytics.” International Journal of Digital Earth. DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2014.942713
  • Sinnott, R. O., C. Bayliss, A. Bromage, G. Galang, G. Grazioli, P. Greenwood, A. Macaulay, L. Morandini, G. Nogoorani, M. Nino-Ruiz, M. Tomko, C. Pettit, M. Sarwar, R. Stimson, W. Voorsluys and I. Widjaja (2014). “The Australia urban research gateway.” Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. DOI:10.1002/cpe.3282

And some conference and workshop papers:

  • Kuliga, S., R. C. Dalton, M. Tomko and C. Hoelscher (2014). Tools, Stages and Perspective-Taking During the Architectural Process: Preliminary qualitative data from a university building case study in Australia. Design cognition and behavior: Usability in the built environment, Bremen, Germany.
  • Tomko, M., Y. Ren, K. Ong, F. Salim and M. Sanderson (2014, poster). Large-Scale Indoor Movement Analysis: The data, the context and the analytical challenges (Poster). Analysis of Movement Data (AMD’14). GIScience 2014 Workshop. Vienna, Austria.
  • Nino-Ruiz, M., et al. (2014). Elastic Scaling of e-Infrastructures to Support Data-Intensive Research Collaborations. Workshop on Tools and Technologies for Virtual Laboratories – TTVL 2014, Guarujá, SP, Brazil, IEEE.
  • Bai, Y. B., et al. (2014). A New Method for Improving Wi-Fi Based In-door Positioning Accuracy. 11th International Symposium on Location-Based Services. G. Gartner, H. Huang, F. Ortag and M. Schmidt. Vienna, Austria, Springer
  • Ren, Y., Tomko, M., Ong, K., Yuntian, B., & Sanderson, M. (2014). The Influence of Indoor Spatial Context on User Information Behaviours. Paper presented at the Workshop on Information Access in Smart Cities, held in conjunction with the 36th European Conference on Information Retrieval ECIR 2014, Amsterdam, NL.

I will attach pdfs in due course.

CIKM2014 IR Track Poster Acceptance

We got our poster “How People Use the Web in Large Indoor Spaces” for the IR track of CIKM 2014 accepted.
This is an outcome of our ARC LP TRIIBE, with Yongli Ren, Kevin Ong and Mark Sanderson.

The poster acceptance rate was 25%, so this is pretty good!

Promoted to Senior Lecturer

So now I have it on paper – I have been promoted to Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computing and Information Systems of the University of Melbourne. I am the first “Academic Specialist” to be promoted in the faculty, which makes it a bit of an achievement. Huge thanks to all my collaborators in AURIN, TRIIBE etc, I would not have made it without you!

Unfortunately, the promotion is effective from September 1st, and therefore is a bit symbolic, as I will be already at the UZH in Zurich (as a Senior Lecturer, too). But still… happy!

The end of my AURIN adventure

After 3.5 years with AURIN, it is time to move on to new challenges. From August 1st, I will be back to the University of Zurich and its renowned GIS Unit led by Prof. Weibel. I will be taking on the position of Oberassistent (Senior Lecturer). I am looking forward to new spatial problems to solve with the great team at GIUZ, and I am sure not to be far from urban analysis.

I will miss the AURIN Project that I have helped growing from its very beginning. I thank the Dean of Architecture, Building and Planning Prof Tom Kvan for giving me the opportunity four years ago. The brief was immense and fuzzy, but I think the AURIN administrative and technical teams, as well as the huge number of partners across Australia have managed to steer the initial ideas towards an excellent, innovative and unique product. I am sure that the uptake will now be skyrocketing.

I would in particular want to thank once more to Prof Richard Sinnott owning the Core technical team for giving me the confidence to be his right hand. I hope I did not disapoint.

I will not be too far to help if needed, and I will be watching AURIN’s progress closely. And probably eating some Swiss chocolate while at it. And one day, I will be back to OZ.

First TRIIBE Paper accepted: “The Influence of Indoor Spatial Context on User Information Behaviours”

The first paper published from our ARC LP project TRIIBE is now accepted for publication and will be presented at the iASC workshop in Amsterdam, NL later this year, in conjunction with the ECIR conference.


Ren, Y., Tomko, M., Ong, K., Yuntian, B., & Sanderson, M. (2014). The Influence of Indoor Spatial Context on User Information Behaviours. Paper presented at the Workshop on Information Access in Smart Cities, held in conjunction with the 36th European Conference on Information Retrieval ECIR 2014, Amsterdam, NL.