I am excited that one of our main papers from TRIIBE (lead author Yongli Ren, RMIT) has been accepted to TKDE.”

Working with large-scale WiFi sensing data is never easy, and with the bulk the amount of noise increases as well. Here we present a method that clearly demonstrates the interplay, and the benefits of combining the physical location, as well as the search and browsing histories of indoor visitors (in an aggregate, privacy aware way) to improve contextual recommendations in indoor spaces.

Ren, Y., M. Tomko, F. Salim, J. Chan, C. L. A. Clarke and M. Sanderson (accepted, 2017). “A Location-Query-Browse Graph for Contextual Recommendation.” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. DOI:10.1109/TKDE.2017.2766059 (pre-print, publisher link)


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