All #AI #ML #DB talent out there!

A Research Fellow position is available within a project funded by the Australian Research Council, “Self-Healing Maps”. The project aims to expand our ability to automatically integrate real-time data in map databases of high integrity, enabling adaptive and autonomous protection of maps from the insertions of erroneous or malicious data, and the detection and correction of inconsistencies.

You will work within under the guidance of Dr Martin Tomko and other chief investigators across all aspects of Geomatics and spatial information. You will be in charge of conducting research and coordinating the efforts leading to a new generation of mechanisms supporting spatial data integration. You will devise novel methods enabling the autonomous and evolving discovery and rectification of errors, discrepancies and inconsistencies in spatial databases. You will apply your outstanding computational skills to demonstrate the validity of your theoretical contributions through the implementation of proof-of-concept software.

You will conduct collaborative and independent research, leading to the preparation and publication of research outcomes in conferences and journals. You will be located in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering in the Melbourne School of Engineering.


For more information, contact Dr Martin Tomko (