After 3.5 years with AURIN, it is time to move on to new challenges. From August 1st, I will be back to the University of Zurich and its renowned GIS Unit led by Prof. Weibel. I will be taking on the position of Oberassistent (Senior Lecturer). I am looking forward to new spatial problems to solve with the great team at GIUZ, and I am sure not to be far from urban analysis.

I will miss the AURIN Project that I have helped growing from its very beginning. I thank the Dean of Architecture, Building and Planning Prof Tom Kvan for giving me the opportunity four years ago. The brief was immense and fuzzy, but I think the AURIN administrative and technical teams, as well as the huge number of partners across Australia have managed to steer the initial ideas towards an excellent, innovative and unique product. I am sure that the uptake will now be skyrocketing.

I would in particular want to thank once more to Prof Richard Sinnott owning the Core technical team for giving me the confidence to be his right hand. I hope I did not disapoint.

I will not be too far to help if needed, and I will be watching AURIN’s progress closely. And probably eating some Swiss chocolate while at it. And one day, I will be back to OZ.