“After more than two years of building community resilience against bushfires, we regret to announce this service is no longer available.

This is the message we have put up on BushfireConnect.org this morning. After long discussions, the team has decided that we are unable to continue to provide a service at the level of quality this project required anymore. Bushfireconnect, initiated by Keren Flavell and Maurits vand der Vlugt more than 2 years ago has been an amazing project, and an even more amazing demonstration of persistence of a small group of volounteers. Daniela and Anthony who kicked it off with Maurits and Keren two years ago have been on board the whole time. We have had amazing volounteer moderators and supporters from accross Australia. Unfortunately, while the expectations for the quality of service kept on rising (reasonably, this was meant to be a life-saving infrastructure), we were not able to get any institutional backing, financial support to keep the infrastructure going, etc…


After life circumstances of a number of us changed, it became obvious that we are no more able to keep this afloat. Hence, RIP BushFireconnect.org . And good luck to successors.

Thanks to my friend from the team for the great experience. We stay in touch!