I am very pleased that our paper:

Tomko, M., Bayliss, C., Widjaja, I., Greenwood, P., Galang, G.G., Koetsier, G., Sarwar, M., Nino-Ruiz, M., Mannix, D., Morandini, L., Voorsluys, W., Pettit, C., Stimson, R. and Sinnott, R., The Design of a Flexible Web-based Analytical Platform for Urban Research. in ACM GIS 2012, (Redondo Beach, California, USA, 2012), ACM

got accepted to this year’s ACM GIS 2012! From what I hear, it has been a particularly competitive pool (I will put the acceptance rate up here once I know if officially). I will also post a pre-print.

The Website with the accepted papers is here – link.