Bahman Javadi, Richard Sinnott and I just got a paper accepted to CCGrid 2012, a leading conference onall things relating to High Performance Computing (Cluster, Cloud and Grid). Bahman wrote about his take on integrating OMS3 workflows in the geospatial domain, in particular in the context of decentralised data centric workflows where data transfer is a bottle neck.We accessed data from a remote OGC WFS service (nopt under our control), and performed the computation on a remote cloud (simple analysis using Geotools/JTS).

Here is the reference:

Javadi, B., Tomko, M., Sinnott, R. (accepted 2012). Decentralized Orchestration of Data-centric Workflows using Object Modeling System. In CCGrid 2012 – the 12th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing. Ottawa, Canada: IEEE Computer Society Press, USA.

Bahman, well done!